Our Team

  Tiffany Lei (aka Tiffa)
Producer/Director and Animator

Tiffany is the founder of KAGE Productions and has been a professional in the animation, games and comics industry since 2001. She is also an internationally published author and artist. Her experience includes working with Delany & Friends, Bardel Entertainment, Arcana Comics, YTV Canada, NHK Japan and much more.

With her dedication and passion for the entertainment industry, it is her goal to explore new avenues and develop fresh and meaningful multimedia properties.
  Daniel Szilagyi
Supervising Animator

Daniel has worked in both the animation and video game industries for several years in a wide range of production positions such as color artist, storyboard artist, animator, UI artist and art lead to name a few. During this time he's learned many areas of production and always looks to expand his skill set, connections and share his knowledge and experiences. He's also been a student art teacher, and worked with many artist related events such as Schoolism and Anomaly.
  Eurydice Nours
Producer and Project Manager

Eurydice has worked for the BC Government Public Services for 30 years, managing a 10 million dollar budget. She negotiated and managed contracts for the department and is exceptional with public relations and promotion.
  Cathrine Langwagen
Environment and Background Artist

Cathrine is a Swedish fantasy artist who specializes in concept art for games and animation. She has multiple games under her belt, creating character, prop and environment assets. Her work has been featured in multiple publications such as ImagineFX and Canonfire! Chronicles. She has recently worked with Arcen Games and consistently creates jaw-dropping paintings, bringing a new level of awesomeness to any project.
  Sonja Prpich

Sonja has worked in the animation industry for 9 years and now has crossed into film making and music, writing and singing with her band CA$HCAT. Sonja has been an artist for as long as she can remember and feels lucky to have been able to make a career from it through freelancing gigs to studio contracts with Bardel Entertainment, Big Bad Boo and Immersion Creative.
    Erin Wong (aka Nijuuni)
Animator and 3D Modeler
  Wilson Chan
Background Artist and Illustrator

Since 2004, Wilson has been creating artwork for comics, video games and animation.
  Merritt Wong (aka Zephos)
Animator and Illustrator
    Elle Chau
Animator and Illustrator

Elle has graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts from UBC. She has worked as a freelance illustrator for a few years before graduating and now currently resides as one of the artists in KAGE Productions. Elle also aims to become a regular in the available artist alleys during Vancouver’s convention season.
  Hannah Wharton

Hannah is a fan of books, an avid viewer of TV and webseries, and an aspiring writer fascinated by transmedia storytelling. She regularly writes articles, reviews, and interviews for ManyATrueNerd.com, is working on editing her first YA novel, and is one of the minds behind Cracked Slate Productions which is currently developing a modern, vlog-style adaptation of Anne of Green Gables for YouTube.