Soria Background

Lina, Kiara, Paul and Seph are university students. They are sent to another dimension via a newly discovered ruin in deep forest near their university campus. Soil and stone had eroded away to reveal it. They see a ghost-like girl smile at them from the biomechanical structure before they awake in a foreign forest.

The world they discover is home to a colorful array of creatures completely alien and dangerous.

They're told to meet with Tharx, a warrior cat-man, who explains they've been chosen to carry out an important mission that may save both his world and their own. The Shadow Empire detects the new presences of the four new arrivals and dispatches an elite team to capture or eliminate them. During the battle, the students are seperated from one another.

Lina is saved from a monster by a man disguised as a giant wolf. He claims not to have a name, so he calls him “Dream”. He stashes her high on a desolate and frozen mountain peak until she loses her mind. She is then taken to the Empire.

While Tharx insists the mission must not be delayed, Lina is held captive and trained for some purpose. If they miss the next opportunity to return home, there may be stuck in this other world and bring ruin to both.