What is Shadow Magic?


Shadow Magic 2015

The animation: The Shadow Magic anime series is currently in development and the production of the pilot episode is to begin in 2015. The first season is 22 x 13. Coming soon to KickStarter!!

The comic: Shadow Magic was first published in 2006 by Arcana Comics in graphic novel format and distributed by Diamond. It was available in both the US and Canada.

The audio drama: Shadow Magic's audio version was released in 2001 under KAGE Productions and distrubuted via conventions and online orders.

Each media version of Shadow Magic approached the story from different angles adding new insight to characters, story and setting.



Avery finds a strange object at her doorstep and suddenly becomes a player in a real life RPG. If she fails to fulfill the contract with ancient Atlantis, she won't only lose her life, but her soul as well.

Avery chooses real life over online games in an attempt to become her fantasy by mastering swords and magic. She realizes all too soon, it's easier said than done. With her childhood friends' life in jeopardy, Avery has no choice but to risk her own skin and learn how to use her new body in trial by fire. She receives some unexpected help from her school's resident playboy, but she doesn't trust him to keep her new abilities or dragon partner a secret.

Shadow Magic takes place in a near-future Earth where technology is king. Much of it is thanks to one corporation, Makino Industries headquartered in the un-named city which is a confluenceof Hong Kong, Tokyo and Vancouver. Little do our cast know, the scope of cause and effect lie far beyond only their own planet. Beyond season one, other worlds are revealed and space battles occur.