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(Return to) Soria

College student Lina, and her best friend stumble upon ancient ruins of a mysterious origin and are pulled involuntarily into the politics and war of another world where technology and magic co-exist.

Shadow Magic

The Shadow Magic: rebirth series begins when Avery is approached by a little dragon, claiming to be from another dimension... and that she is part of an ancient contract which she, and six others must fulfill.

Dream of Silver

Born and raised to be a legendary swordsman, Ryutarou sets off to solve the mystery of his father's disappearance. By traveling the world, he hopes to gain enough strength and experience to enter the Dual Tournament to honor his father and hopefully find some clues to point him in the right direction.

Soul Haven

The year is 3010. The planet is a barren and sterile wasteland. After hundreds of years of pollution and ecological disasters the people fled. Huge cities were constructed in the sky. Vast and beautiful Utopian cities named 'Heaven' float above the land they once called "home"..